At PMA our passion, skill set, understanding and delivery capabilities as regards the Indian capital markets is our ammunition to generate the best returns to our clients in an ever-changing dynamic and volatile market.

Having said this we are backed by a passionate and professional research team covering all asset classes like Equity, Commodity and Currency markets and are regulated by SEBI. (SEBI Registration No INH000001071)

Our understanding of the investors and traders mindset in the markets clearly shows that the majority of them are followers and are a part of the herd mentality with very few investors being away from the general crowd. That is the difference between a Great Investor v/s an Average Investor.

We are greedy when everyone is fearful and always buy good scalable businesses having a quality and credible which have delivered strong performance in the past. Hence panic falls in markets is always an opportunity provided the long term story is intact and solid.

Also we are always on the lookout for buying the under researched, undiscovered and unglamorous companies which are not actively tracked for various reasons like limited sell side coverage, illiquidity, and having limited management access.

But in our investment process we ensure that we meet company’s management and share these inputs with our investors from time to time which are of immense help to small and medium retail investors who are unable to access directly and get timely and correct advice otherwise.