Workshops & Webinars

Learn to trade and invest in stocks with guidance and instruction from the professionals at PROFITMART Training Academy.

With our Fundamental & Technical Training workshops you’ll learn how to trade stocks and how to invest & generate wealth from the stock market using our professional-level skills & strategies regardless of your experience & trading style.

More importantly we will train you to become expert stock pickers via our training workshops which will make you confident and successful in this wealth creation process.

Practical Exposure

Practical hands-on training on finding and analyzing stocks, determining the risk of a stock investment or trade


Complete this course and get a widely recognized, industry-ready certificate from PROFITMART Academy.

Proficient Instructor

Learn from the EXPERT. Passionate market experts with experience of over 20years.

Fundamental Analysis Training Workshop

In our Fundamental Training Workshops we would make participants understand key financial concepts in a simple and lucid way which would cover all the practical aspects of understanding this subject via existing case study examples which will enable investors take independent decisions and get more knowledgeable about the companies they invest personally.

Most importantly participants can learn how to stock pick stocks on their own and get a one on one interaction with Mr. Avinash Gorakshakar with 100% queries & doubts solved personally at the workshop. Apart from this participants will get lots of training material, PPTs from our side while the mode of communication will be English, Hindi and Marathi.

Understanding A Company’s Business How Should One Analyse Banking / NBFC Stocks
Ten Most Important Things To See In A Annual Report How Does One Find Out Future Pe Of Any Company
What Is A Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement How Is Target Price Of A Stock Estimate Using Fundamental Analysis
Key Accounting Ratios To Use To Understand The Numbers Importance Of Proper Asset Allocation
Cash Flow Analysis And Its Importance When Should One Ideally Buy & Sell Stock
Importance Of Capital Allocation And Margin Of Safety Final Checklist For Investors To Identify Stocks On There Own
How To Know Whether Companies Are Manipulating Financial Numbers Practical Examples – Case Studies And Actual Live Examples

Eligible for new investors, existing investors, HNIs, college students, housewives and positional traders.

Technical Training Workshops

Our Technical Training Workshops are lead by our Technical Research Desk team, and by a panel of industry seasoned experts available with us exclusively who have years of exposure in the capital markets with hands on practical training given to participants.

The Technical Training Workshops cover a wide gamut of segments like basics of technical analysis, understanding options, how to use derivatives (F&O) from a short term and positional view, use of Elliot analysis, swing trading, use of candlesticks and trend following patterns which would be applicable for Equity, Commodity and Currency markets.

Types Of Price Patterns & Candlestick Patterns How To Correlate Intraday Time Frame & Positional Time Frame To Find A Profitable Trade
How To Identify Bullish & Bearish Stocks By Analyzing Effective Price Patterns 4 Important Types Of Patterns To Earn Profits Consistently
Trendlines & Meaning Of Trend Lines & How To Trade Using Trendlines Trend & Definations Of Trend & It’s Meaning
What Is Time Frame, Understanding Types Of Time Frame Like Intraday & Positional Time Frames Defination & Meaning Of Support & Resistence, Moving Averages
How To Trade Intraday & Positional Using Support & Resistence How To Trade NIFTY 7 BANK NIFTY For Intraday & Positional Trades
Chart Patterns & Types Of Chart Patterns Practical Examples – Case Studies And Actual Live Examples

Eligible for new investors, existing investors, HNIs, college students, housewives and positional traders.

We also conduct other shorter one day Technical Analysis Workshops covering other subjects like using options for profitable trades, understanding expiry trades positional strategies using key technical parameters which are supported by case studies and practical examples.

Free Seminars

We also organize free seminars for investors and traders for capital market awareness and knowledge sharing about various financial opportunities available to investors and how to generate long term wealth from equities.

Basics of Financial Markets & Stock Markets Hard Assets VS Financial Assets
Live Cash Market Segment & Futures-Options Market Relative Returns Of Various Financial Assets
What Are Derivatives & Commodities How Big Is The Equity Opportunity For All Of Us Over The Next Decade
What Are The Factors Which Will Drive This Opportunity? Power Of Compounding & The Power To Fight Inflation
How Big Is The Liquidity Tap For Equity From Both Domestic & Global Investors Going Ahead Will Staying Out Of The Equity Markets Is A Never To Be Missed Opportunity?
When Is The Best Time To Start Investing In Equities? Ideal Asset Allocation Strategy Best Suited For All Investors
How Should One Play This Huge Equity Opportunity To Finally Execute All This In Action Questions & Answers