The Research Product from PROFITMART is ideally suited for both small and large Retail investors who are interested in making systematic wealth creation from the equity market by investing in the right stocks and at the right prices to ensure an optimum return on their investments.

Such investments can be for a time frame ranging between 1 to 3 years. Our objective is to ensure that Safety and Returns both are not overlooked and here it is our expertise which will help you Buy the RIGHT stock investment in the markets.

We help you in identifying stocks with over 2x to 4x potential over the next 3 to 4 years in creating sustainable wealth. One needs only a few great stocks to beat the market and to change one’s life. At PROFITMART we help our subscribers to invest in such stocks.

Portfolio Research Services

We strongly believe that every individual is unique and his investing portfolio and asset allocation based on his risk appetite should ideally meet both his short term and long term plans for wealth creation.

In our Portfolio Research we advise on a client’s entire portfolio. Here we act as an “Research” for the portfolio you mandate us to advise. So we are responsible from day one for overall return, performance, and safety of your invested capital.

Hence here we take a customized approach based on your initial investment, return expectation and risk profile.

A) Customized approach based on the clients risk appetite and reward expectations
B) We act as an “Research” for the portfolio of the client
C) Responsible from day one for overall return, performance and safety of invested capital.

Research Product Features

A) Minimum Number Of Stocks Recommended In A Year Atleast 20  Stocks In A Year
B) Stock Recommendations In A Month 1 To 2
C) Safety Very High
D) Fundamental Analysis Yes
E) Research Yes
F) SMS & Email Alerts Yes
G) Query Desk Yes

Fundamental Research

Here we will be providing a basket of well researched investment opportunities and is ideally meant for existing and new investors who are on the lookout for quality ideas backed by detailed research notes. Our Research team is constantly hunting for new stock ideas which fit within our research filters which includes a qualitative and quantitative check from our side.

A) Well researched stock ideas from the midcap and large cap segments
B) Normal Investment horizon will range from 1 to 2 years
C) Asset allocation also suggested for investors here
D) A minimum of 20 stock ideas from our side with detailed research notes
E) Regular updates on companies suggested
F) Weekly tracking sheet with suggested action on portfolio of stocks suggested
G) Ideally suited for medium to long term investors wanting to build a good portfolio of stocks over a 2-3 year period