What return can I expect if I take your research services?
We endeavour to provide returns which are significantly higher than overall market returns but cannot guarantee returns as equity returns are lumpy and give attractive returns vis a vis other asset classes.
How many stock ideas will I get in a year?
We normally provide around 1-2 calls in a month (minimum 20 calls in a year) however this is not predetermined every month and we look at opportunities ideally when markets offer good value.

We will be however giving the minimum number of calls to our clients as promised but in case these are not given in the time period outlined by us then we will extend the timeline of the subscription till the minimum number of calls gets completed

How do I come to know when you buy/sell a stock?

You will get a WhatsApp message, an email given to us and an SMS stating that a new investment call has been generated.

What's the minimum amount I can start investing with?

You need to invest with a starting capital of Rs 2 to Rs 3 lacs for investing in our investment calls.

When will my account get activated?
Once the payment is verified from our bank account, the subscriber will need to complete the KYC and Risk Profile Questionnaire (as mandated by SEBI). Post this verification your account will be active.
What is the mode of payment?
Payment can be through Cheque, DD or Direct Account Transfer.

Cheque / DD / IMPS / NEFT
Account Number 648805052472
IFSC ICIC0006488

Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Fees once paid are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

For whom are this services not suitable?

Our services are not suitable for investors/traders with the following profile:


If you consider 1 to 3 years a very long period for the investment.

If you consider stock investing as gambling.

If you are a compulsive trader or investor.

Do you give updates on the stocks you recommend?
Yes, we provide updates on all stocks suggested by us. We normally ensure that there is a regular follow up on the companies we track and which we share to our subscribers by email.
Will you tell us when to exit the stock?
Yes like we suggest to BUY a stock we will also be suggesting to EXIT a stock either partially or fully based on some events which materially impact its financial performance.
How do I subscribe to your services?
For subscribing to our services please go to the Products Button on the homepage which will contain all the product & pricing details of our Fundamental Research Products, Workshops & Portfolio Research services.