What to do now?
A lot of investors have started calling, to ask whether they should invest more at this time.
The answer is Yes, provided you have a long term view of at least five years to stay invested.
If you looking for making some Quick Money by investing at this point in time, then the answer is NO The very nature of the market is to remain Volatile… and it is going to remain Volatile forever.
Every fall in the market is followed by a bounce-back
Historically, market falls are temporary and the rise is gradual and permanent.
Think of the year 2025, 2030, 2040 and beyond… You will be able to keep the noise out of your mind.

At this point of time, it reminds of the Golden lines of legendary investor Warren Buffet

Be greedy, when others are fearful…
Be fearful, when others are greedy.
It is our firm belief that Wealth Creation is a long term process.

It will take time. There is no Short cut to Wealth Creation.

Three Golden Rules of Investing:
1) Invest Early
2) Invest Regularly
3) Invest for Long Term
In a nutshell,
What you should do now is,
Double up your SIPs or Top up with Lump Sum investment…

It is always beneficial to buy at discount.

Start your wealth creation journey today with us and make your future wonderful.

Happy Investing

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