Govt issues guidelines to kickstart economic activity

India’s benchmark indices rallied in early part of trading session Wednesday after the central government issued guidelines under which certain economic activity is allowed to function on a priority basis.
Through this order the government permits functioning of businesses after April 20, 2020 in certain areas keeping in view the interests of farmers and daily wager earners.
The Ministry of Home Affairs issued an order delineating a list of activities that will be allowed after April 20, 2020 and those which are prohibited.

The activities prohibited across the country include travel by air, rail and road; operation of educational and training institutions; industrial and commercial activities; hospitality services; all cinema halls, shopping complexes, theatres, etc.; all social, political and other events; and opening of all religious places/ places of worship for members of public, including religious congregations. based on relaxations granted to areas after scrutinising their performance in containing the Covid-19 disease.

The main objective of the government order is to ensure that agricultural and related activities remain fully functional; the rural economy functions with maximum efficiency; employment opportunities are created for daily wage earners and other members of the labour force; select industrial activities are allowed to resume their operations, with adequate safeguards and mandatory standard operating protocols (SOPs); and the digital economy.
Importantly, the relaxations will be permitted based on carefully monitoring the performance of blocks, districts, states in tackling the Covid-19 disease in their respective areas.

The following economic activities will be permitted as they are crtitical for agricultural sector and job creation while strictly adhering to protocols in those areas where safety is paramount to contain the spread of Covid-19.
Movement of Cargo, Farming Operations, Fisheries, Plantations, Animal Husbandry, Commercial and private establishments (cable operators, print and electronic media, broadcasting, IT and IT-enabled services, etc) to begin with.

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