COVID-19: Cadila, IPCA Lab on healthy path

Cadila and IPCA Lab are set to emerge as biggest beneficiary of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, which is announced by World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global pandemic.
Last week, IPCA Lab received approval for an Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) Chloroquine, which is being used to treat malaria from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).
Chloroquine may help treat coronavirus, say some reports. Anti-malaria drug is one of those being tested as a cure for coronavirus, and USFDA has placed the order after President Trump’s endorsement of it.

US President Donald Trump has called chloroquine a potential “game changer” for treating the disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2, and the USFDA has partially lifted a three-year-old ‘import alert’ on Ipca’s two plants to import the medicine. Zydus Cadila has also received a “sizeable” order from the US for the decades-old drug.

Following discussions on the matter, the FDA, through an e-mail dated 20 March, made an exception by lifting the three-year-old ‘import alert’ on Ipca’s selected products.
The two firms have also started receiving queries from buyers around the globe for chloroquine and the compounds used to manufacturing it.

Anticipating increase in demand, IPCA is also gearing up to manufacture and supply these products meeting the stringent CGMP (FDA’s current good manufacturing practice regulations), quality and regulatory requirements, and thus help mankind in the best possible way in these testing times.
Cadila has identified ensuring consistent supplies of Chloroquine, and if need arises, ramp up production. It has an ability to even quadruple capacities if need be since it is fully integrated to produce both API and finished dose formulation.

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